Letting Go…

At times, I find that I am fighting for things to happen in this life.

Fighting by way of punching air, not hitting anything but I have the best gloves and the best right hook and by God…

I am fighting with all I have, with great force! 

I also find … I am most times fighting for a job, a relationship, a task, a destination – that will let me down again, dismiss me, and take me and my effort for granted – over and over and over. Why am I fighting for these things?

What is this fight really about? 

Today, I choose to fight … To Let Go!

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Date: 8/9/17

Written By: Beverly Stephens

Photo: Taken w/ iPhone 6 Plus – by Beverly Stephens


My Son & TBI

My son was born on Christmas Day…this was such as beautiful gift … I can not even express the gratitude I have for this event …

The years flew by and during the summer of my sons 17th year of life he was hit by a van that was traveling at 45 mph while he was crossing the median on his skateboard.

He was flipped up and over the van due to impact and landed on the pavement below.

He was instantly lifeless… and not expected to live.

When I arrived at Children’s Hospital I was greeted by the Chaplin and a Social worker … my son was NOT going to die – why were they here?

They guided me to a private room and started to prepare me for the worst….

I broke down…

He survived …

He ended up with a broken orb, broken clavicle, lobe damage and a diagnosis of TBI.

The broken clavicle required surgery for bolt placement so he went under…

12 days after being admitted he went from being in critical condition to walking out on his own! I was told over and over by so many doctors this is very rare and they have only heard of someone surviving what he went through and most lost use of their legs…

He had a short set back and was readmitted due to an infection at the clavicle surgery site, which required an additional surgery to clean the wound and all I could think was he is NOT going to die… is he?

He stayed a few more nights and was sent home with a picc line. It was the first time I was alone to be his nurse… I had to go to work and leave him on the couch and hope that he did not start to bleed out at the site. I was a wreck leaving him there …

We made it …

He has gone through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and other types of therapy… He has taken physiological tests… he has been measured, reviewed, watched, prodded…


He continues (years later) to experience issues with response time, fine motor skill, depression, anxiety, emotion control, a sleep disorder and involuntary limb movement when he does sleep… (there is more)

Sometimes I cry for myself because I am tired, sometimes I cry for him because he is tired and sometimes we cry together…

I have a lot going on … It has been a hard year with a few really good victories!

We are not giving up…
For more information about TBI please visit the below website and remember you never know what someone is going through, be kind, you don’t have to understand it all… just be kind :


Christian Turns 4 Years Old

OH my little buddy … Christian is his name … he is a purebred, black Pug !

April 2013

Taken in 2013 – Posing in the green grass with his red walking harness

Christian can be very territorial and likes to bark when anyone visits or comes knocking at the door and he loves to talk to the neighbors dogs by barking through our fence. He doesn’t have any issues ‘acting’ like he is a big dog and he doesn’t mind posing for pictures from time to time.Christian


I remember the day I brought him home, he was so tiny and depended on me for everything. He was so small in fact I could wrap him in a hand towel, folded in half. He loved that, I am guessing it made him feel secure being wrapped up in something soft while I held him. Those really early days were precious to me and times I will never, ever forget.

2016 Jan 12 Christian 4 yr old2

2016 Birthday Hat – I turned 4,  Jan 12th !

This month he turns 4 years old and we celebrated with a new toy, a special dinner and a nice red party hat!  He wore the hat just long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

He has gained a few pounds in the last couple of years as he settles nicely into his pug rolls and is happy and healthy in our home… a little spoiled but I guess with a face like that, who wouldn’t be spoiled!              Signature

Christian and I - 3rd Birthday

Christian & Mommy (Me) – On his 3rd Birthday



2014 – Goal(s) Review

In 2014, I shared (with you) the core goals that I set out to accomplish! I have outlined those below along with a brief update on how I did for the entire year. Though a bit disappointed in some of the results, at least I have ‘results’ to report on and that is a step in the correct direction!

Overall, 2014 turned into a year of ‘transition’ from getting out from under major clutter to opening a doorway to purchasing a new home!

I am extremely happy with my progress and look forward to an awesome year ahead!

Core Goal Recap

1. Begin a weight loss journey

a. 50 lbs. in 50 weeks

b. Monthly Check-ins

Result Weigh-In: This goal was somewhat of a fail. I did not check in monthly nor post as expected regarding the food vlogs and updates. The upside to this attempt is that I did end up with a weight loss of 13 lbs. which in itself is a great thing and equates to about 1 lb. loss per month as an average. I went down one pant size and one shirt size during 2014!

2. Continue my de-cluttering journey and be organized by Christmas.

a. Majority of the clutter purged from my home.

b. Organization in effect by Christmas.

Result Weigh-In: This goal was accomplished regarding my de-cluttering! I moved to my new home this year which derailed the ‘organized by Christmas’ sector. However, I am working on organizing now!

3. Share my de-cluttering journey details.

a. Mentors

b. Lessons Learned

Result Weigh-In: This goal was accomplished regarding sharing and lessons learned. I have yet to discuss my mentors. I would like to share that with everyone soon!

If you would like to watch my YouTube de-cluttering playlist – I would love to have you along for this ride!

I continue to post to this playlist every month, so if de-cluttering is something you need/want to do, you may find inspiration here!

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A December Birthday

When I was a teenager, I was pregnant with my first child!

I was happy beyond measure, young, newly married and becoming a military wife and a new mother!

I went into labor on Christmas Eve and gave birth to my son on Christmas Day, December 25, 1990!

Recently, we celebrated his 24th birthday!

Anthonys 24th BirthdayPictured here: My daughter, My son and Me!

I love my son so much and I am so very thankful to have him here in this world and in my life!

March Forth!


“March 4th” – was the perfect command for the ENTIRE month!

  • A call to action
  • A universal message
  • A push
  • A nudge

Movement in every area of my life ensued!

  • Moving clutter ‘OUT’
  • Moving peace ‘IN’
  • Moving extra pounds ‘OFF’
  • Moving priorities ‘AROUND’

I am marching forth through all that was, is & about to be…

Goodbye March – You taught me great things !

Solitude Time


Enjoying time in solitude is a ‘rare’ commodity these days…

I have a full life and I am very thankful for every single minute of it however, a little solitude is essential in order to recharge in this ‘busy, do more’ kind of world.

I recently had the opportunity to get a way from it all – I thought of all kinds of places that I might go from the Amish country to a Casino Resort… and then I found Hueston Woods Resort Lodge!

Preferring more peaceful environments in general, because they make be feel the best… I decided on Hueston Woods Resort for this years solitude time.

I ate delicious food, watched movies, relaxed poolside, participated in lite exercise, filmed videos, took tours, met really interesting staff and by going, found a new place that I never visited before.

I am very thankful for the first solitude time of 2014!

Happy New Year!