March Forth!


“March 4th” – was the perfect command for the ENTIRE month!

  • A call to action
  • A universal message
  • A push
  • A nudge

Movement in every area of my life ensued!

  • Moving clutter ‘OUT’
  • Moving peace ‘IN’
  • Moving extra pounds ‘OFF’
  • Moving priorities ‘AROUND’

I am marching forth through all that was, is & about to be…

Goodbye March – You taught me great things !


First Weekend of Summer (2013) !


 YAY for longer daylight hours, the sparkling pool being ready, having good times outside with friends and family by the grill, taking short and long trips to the park and eating ice-cream without getting the ‘chills’!

Oh Summer! There you are!


I also know the mosquitos are waiting for me and spiders spin their webs around my flowers and trees and dogs are doing their business in the yard right where I plan on spending time in the shade… BUT I am ready and armed! I have repellant, brooms, and doggy poo bags… nothing will stop me this year!




Today, it was in the 80’s !!!IMG_3327

I am loving the longer daylight hours that this time of year brings –  but the HOT temps, I need to get used to…

I am a fall and winter kind of gal and long for the days when the cooler weather is upon us again along with the camp fires and pumpkin carving activities….

Oh that is a looooong way off – so until then let me find some peace in the sunset and the night life when the temps are a bit cooler…
Happy Late Spring Friends!

Hope you are enjoying some aspect of this season!  Was it HOT – HOT – HOT in your area of the world ????


Charmed and Crackled

I am just now (Yes, February!) getting around to un-boxing items that I purchased around the Nov/Dec 2012 holiday. I know…

Today, I decided to open the Yankee Candle box … I vaguely remember what I ordered. However; I know it was on sale. I love sales! I shopped by way of their online site and found a couple of interesting bargins…

Have you ever heard of a candle charm? It is a small embellishment that hangs from the lip of a jar candle. Below is a picture of that… Of course it is a candy-cane and will be good for stocking stuffers next season. These were purchased for 1.25 each and are ID # 1179075 (the last I checked they were out of stock).


The other item I purchased was a crackle votive holder. It can be used all winter long but has a Christmas feel to it – take a look!
I purchased this for 3.95 – ID # 1207220 and was also Out Of Stock, last I checked.

Yankee Candle

I find that I am able to enjoy the same quality of merchandise by shopping off season… Off Season is my friend!