Laxmi Road | India | Let Go …

One day, early… I hopped in a rickshaw and headed out for shopping!

My friend “Pradnya” introduced me to this way of taxing and to Laxmi Road, itself.

I had heard many times that, Laxmi Road was ‘the place’ to go at least once during any stay in Pune! Who was I to argue about a shopping experience… in India!?

Once I arrived- I hit the ground running,  little did I know at the time that this area is about 4 km (approx 2.5 miles) of pure bliss. Scarves, Kurti’s, Jewelry, Sandals and the list goes on and on.

Laxmi Road is a blocked off area on the streets of Pune which serves as an outside mall, in direct sunlight and without covering … Hot! Hot! Hot! … to be expected I guess because afterall, this area IS named after a Goddess !

This area is VERY popular and today is no different. People of all areas of India and beyond seem to be covering every inch of this place. It is remarkable, overcrowded, buzzing with energy and full of a language that I do not understand.

This day in my life, is one that, I will never forget.


Photographed by Beverly Stephens

Pictured above is traditional party jewelry. I absolutely loved this piece -and- it had matching earrings! I bought it no matter the price… I do not even recall how much it was because it just did not matter. The price was “Mine” dollars!

Unfortunately, I never wore this nearly as much as I thought I would…


Photograph by Beverly Stephens

The one thing I really liked about this piece and a lot of necklaces displayed in India is the portion that is placed around the back of the neck is made of cord or string. This makes it very comfortable to wear and also there is ease in adjustment by simply tieing it tight or loose.

In May of 2016, I decided to declutter more of my jewelry and this set was amongst the selections that I chose to purge. If you are interesting in seeing what other earring and necklace sets that I decluttered, the video is below.

Cherish your belongings and the memories they were a part of … but above all, when items no longer serve you… say ‘Thank You’ and let go…





This holiday,  I placed my everyday capsule makeup essentials in a holiday tin for easy storage!

I reach for this every single day and love the joy it brings me each morning.

makeup tin

The contents consist of 5 products! Very minimal at best …

It gives me the simple freedom to walk out the door with a clean fresh looking face all day! Take A look at what I use!

5 Products

Rimmel – Lasting Finish Foundation – 25 hour – 100 ivory

Rimmel – Scandaleyes Wtrpf Mascara – Retro Glam – 001 Black

Rimmel – Brow This Way – Brow Styling Gel – 004Clear

Maybelline – Master Smoky – Eyeliner Pencil – Scorching Brown

Almay – Smart Shade – Concealer – 010 Light Pale

Try out a Capsule makeup tin for yourself – You may just like the simplicity it brings to your morning makeup routines.

Happy Holidays!


Summer Capsule – Makeup Collection

Tin Design

My life is full  – I am a working mum and a single parent. I have a house to upkeep and a life to live… I am all for saving time, making things more simple and maintaining my best.

Early this summer, I made note of what makeup items I reached for over and over and decided to create a Summer Capsule based on those frequent choices!

When I knew how many items I would be working with, I went on a search for options to contain the items for easy and frequent use – my first idea was to thrift a box or container and I scored on my first trip! I went thrifting and found a round India themed tin for storage!

Summer is still in full swing here and with all that is happening at work and at play, one thing I no longer have to think about is what makeup will I wear today!  I am loving this solution – hmmm, I wonder what fall/winter will bring?!


Interested in the Urban Decay Naked Basics or Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation?? See links below…

Purchase Here : Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Purchase Here : Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation 30ml-200 Soft Beige

Capsule Wardrobe – Shoes!

I have been a little obsessed with the capsule wardrobe concept since last year.

The basic principle is one selects a set number of clothing items that are worn for a certain duration of time – such as Spring or Spring/Summer. This wardrobe would include accessories (Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes etc..), shrugs, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves and other items of clothing that you ‘love’ (Pant, Jean, Skirt, Shirt etc.) – typically, fewer pieces are purchased in a higher quality bracket that will last season after season with repeated wear.

Capsule Wardrobe - Shoe Selection!

Capsule Wardrobe – Shoe Selection!

I started this venture and have not shared my experience with many as I am still working out some kinks in my style definition however; I recently filmed a video on my summer shoe capsule (see below) and have since decided one pair in that video will be removed from the collection. If it doesn’t fit awesome and comfortably with a classic clean line, it goes!

Have you ventured into the capsule wardrobe arena? I would love to hear about how it is going for you. I plan to share some of my pitfalls and successes in the coming months.

I can definitely say…. I always have something to wear these days without searching my closet aimlessly. The capsule has made clothing choices almost effortless, in my opinion. This leaves more time for other things in my life. I believe (so far) going with the capsule wardrobe has saved me about an hour a day!

I have used the hour wisely !

Minimalist Wardrobe – Keep or Toss

While working on a more minimalist wardrobe – I decided to begin taking snaps of various face/shirt combos for review in making keep or toss decisions.

Typically, I post these on Instagram (livingeclectic) but I thought it would be interesting to see some of the combinations as a grouping here, for future reference! untitled

Office  (6)The scarf displayed in this picture was purchased on an Amish Country vacation !


Office  (8)

Office 1

Office (9)      The necklace worn here is a circle of diamonds – I purchased this, Thrifted !

Office 4

Office 2

Office(5)The earrings displayed here were a gift from my mother.

photo (10)

Drive on by …


The gray truck kept driving by, strand-by-strand… I have to admit, I hated how it flaunted the fact that it kicked into 4th gear with its four wheel drive. I kept thinking it would run out of gas somehow… now, I realize no one can escape! Gray hair is delivered on a silver platter if you wait long enough…

Today, I managed to swerve out of the dreaded path … well, at least for 6 weeks or so … Until then, Drive on by…