My Word – 2017

Life, in general can be full enough without adding to it unnecessarily.

In 2017, I choose SIMPLE!

SIMPLE is my word for the new year!

Below you will find my top 5 main Goals, the Action Plan to achieve each one and what the ideal End Result will be!






When someone puts off purging items in the home AND continues buying things to the point of an out of control, state…that… ‘was’ me…I have been de-cluttering for an extended period of time – It has been a complex discovery and I will link a few videos within this post, if you or someone you know are interested in hearing my story.

…In the meantime, I wanted to provide a couple of resources for inspiration !! Scroll below the videos for more great info !

We all need inspiration in our lives – every single person absolutely needs this in order to propel.

I recently was introduced to a spark of motivation on YouTube – his name is Brendon Burchard… WOW is he awesome… and he is all over the internet and has a website which is his name .com. As of today 8/8/15, he is offering one of his books for free if you wanted to head on over there and check it out.

Another good book regarding how to be more fulfilled in a chaotic world titled THE CHARGE is available for purchase here :

**  The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive **

And now … in regards to de-cluttering motivation, tips and ideas – this woman has helped many people : Sandra Felton !

She has a website ( where you can sign up for daily emails and one of her books are available for purchase here:

** The New Messies Manual: The Procrastinator’s Guide to Good Housekeeping **

I recently filmed a short video (click below), where I talk about Sandra’s quadrant method of getting a job done – check it out and subscribe to my channel for more lifestyle updates!

Until next time –  Be Inspired !