My Word – 2017

Life, in general can be full enough without adding to it unnecessarily.

In 2017, I choose SIMPLE!

SIMPLE is my word for the new year!

Below you will find my top 5 main Goals, the Action Plan to achieve each one and what the ideal End Result will be!





2014 – Goal(s) Review

In 2014, I shared (with you) the core goals that I set out to accomplish! I have outlined those below along with a brief update on how I did for the entire year. Though a bit disappointed in some of the results, at least I have ‘results’ to report on and that is a step in the correct direction!

Overall, 2014 turned into a year of ‘transition’ from getting out from under major clutter to opening a doorway to purchasing a new home!

I am extremely happy with my progress and look forward to an awesome year ahead!

Core Goal Recap

1. Begin a weight loss journey

a. 50 lbs. in 50 weeks

b. Monthly Check-ins

Result Weigh-In: This goal was somewhat of a fail. I did not check in monthly nor post as expected regarding the food vlogs and updates. The upside to this attempt is that I did end up with a weight loss of 13 lbs. which in itself is a great thing and equates to about 1 lb. loss per month as an average. I went down one pant size and one shirt size during 2014!

2. Continue my de-cluttering journey and be organized by Christmas.

a. Majority of the clutter purged from my home.

b. Organization in effect by Christmas.

Result Weigh-In: This goal was accomplished regarding my de-cluttering! I moved to my new home this year which derailed the ‘organized by Christmas’ sector. However, I am working on organizing now!

3. Share my de-cluttering journey details.

a. Mentors

b. Lessons Learned

Result Weigh-In: This goal was accomplished regarding sharing and lessons learned. I have yet to discuss my mentors. I would like to share that with everyone soon!

If you would like to watch my YouTube de-cluttering playlist – I would love to have you along for this ride!

I continue to post to this playlist every month, so if de-cluttering is something you need/want to do, you may find inspiration here!

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