Fall has always been one of my all time favorite seasons, ever!

Once I purchased a home (with many trees on the property), I soon began to feel dread at the sight of falling leaves. How was I gonna get this mess cleaned up?

The first year, my neighbor so kindly cranked up his leaf blower and proceeded to blow the leaves off of his lawn into nice neat piles over onto my property line for me. How thoughtful (slightly grinning).

I remember feeling so embarrassed at the amount and the piles and thinking how I was not able to get it raked and bagged in a timely manner. My yard was the worst on the cul-de-sac.

The second year, I vowed to outsource for the job and avoid the embarrassment. The folks I hired took over a week and $400 dollars later I found myself vowing to never pay that again!

The Third year (this year), I decided to start raking early and get a method to the madness by having the leaves processed as they fell. Even if this meant I had to rake several times, I would use this time as exercise… What was I thinking?

This season I am vowing to invest in a few items of equipment that will solve this once and for all, allow me to do the job myself and use my time more wisely without so much strain on my body.

I am going to purchase the following:

  1. A Mulching Mower w/ Bag
  2. A Leaf Mulching/Blower Combo w/ Bag
  3. Flower Bed Rake (for small spaces)


Pictured above (lower right corner) is a leaf disc, this is a great investment for a small yard. This awesome tool forms into a taco shape, you rake leaves into it, pinch it at the top and slide it right into the trashcan liner and boom, done and ready for the next load. I would definitely recommend it for a smaller job! I may use it for flowerbed rake outs next year to make that job easier/quicker.

If you have ideas on additional equipment that will help me with this awesomely fun fall task of leaf disposal for a party of one to complete alone, please comment below with your recommendations!

Now… let’s move on to snow and shoveling! NOT !       Signature



November – A Month of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving 2015

I am working on being more mindful of what I have and on being more thankful, in general. I am updating my Facebook page with one item every day, up until Thanksgiving Day !

I wanted to save this list and decided to keep a running tally to look back on here, on my blog …. I will update at the end of each week, if you are interested in reading what I have to post, keep reading and stop by again next week.

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Week  3

November 15th – 21st


I am thankful that God makes it clear regarding what to do when the road gets rough.

“And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, What shall I do? .. And the Lord said unto Moses, GO ON! … and Moses did so. Exodus 17:4-6


I am thankful for clean water


I am thankful for clothing
…Not the dress up fancy dancy kind
Just the plain modest coverings that I see less and less of these days


Today, I am thankful for making it (successfully) through a large presentation that I facilitated with individuals representing a total of 10 organizations! Yes! Yes! … Double Yes!!


I am so thankful for the friendships that I have developed online since 2012 because of a leap to get my life de-cluttered. Through letting go, I have gained so much more! I am very blessed!


Today, I am thankful that all of the fall leaves/debris/weeds are cleaned up and the yard is prepped for winter!


Today I am thankful I did not get badly injured when I fell from the ladder while cleaning out the gutters …a little bruised but I am good!



Week 2

November 8th – 14th


I am thankful for my children
Only to them, do I pass on a part of myself


I am thankful for hair scrunchies (its the small things)
This invention is genius…



I am thankful for the ability to walk 🚶


I am thankful for the armed forces –
for all branches and for what they were initially formed to protect


I am thankful for non-GMO foods

Note: This post to Facebook did not even get 1 like!


I am thankful for Friday’s!


I am thankful for family

Mom Carl 2015

Mom Anth 2015

Mom and Son


Week 1

November 1st – 7th

I am thankful for leftover Halloween candy … 🍬 🍫

I am thankful for God’s favor

I am thankful for medical care

I am thankful for the ability of others to forgive when I have made mistakes

I am thankful to have transportation to go where I need to in order to support and take care of my family

I am thankful for the wisdom to know we all put our pants on the same way (no one is any better than anyone else) – everyone teaches and everyone learns!

I am thankful for Christian and Lyny (fur babies) – they bring joy into my home and love me unconditionally, every single day.

Fall 2015 Fur Babies

You Have Been Boo’d !!!!!!!! (a halloween themed game)

It is a game for the young and young at heart!


Photo taken by : Beverly Stephens, LivingEclectic.Org, Use : By Permission Only

This game allows you to provide a nice little treat to someone of your choice and remain anonymous… sort of like Secret Santa but Halloween themed and you do not draw names.

You simply package or bag your treats and place them where the recipient can see them (when they are not looking), attached to your treat is a poem and instructions on how they can continue the boo game!

I have created a simple black and white Word template that I wanted to share with you, in case you would like to use it : You’ve Been Boo’d

I also filmed a video that displays what I plan to give my victim!

Happy Boo’g !


Creepy Little Monster

This is an announcement to let everyone know that my ETSY Shop will be opening in September with additional Halloween Card Selections! There are a few available now however; this is just a sneak peek of what is to come!

My store is called 1031 Studio and is completely dedicated to Halloween!

Visit My ETSY Shop Here : 1031STUDIO – My Etsy Store

This website (LivingEclectic.Org) will also feature Halloween Cards for sale starting in September – Stay tuned for some Spooky Halloween Treats !

Little Monster

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