October Graveyard Planning – 5 Rules

This October I wanted to decorate a flowerbed that sits to the side of my home as a graveyard BUT I did not want to spend a lot of money.

Rule # 1 :  Finalize a graveyard site

Rule # 2 : Set a small budget for project materials

Rule # 3 : Use previously purchased spotlights

I have to admit this flowerbed was a little overgrown and seemed like the perfect excuse for gravestone placement!

Rule # 4 : Little prep effort

With work, home and family responsibilities time was a factor and I knew I would need to work this project in and around a month piled full of activity.

Rule # 5 : Schedule in shopping trip and graveyard creation time

Graveyard 2015

Final Results

I was able to purchase all materials for approximately $ 19 !!

Minus the cost of two solar-powered spot lights that I was already using in that area so those did not cost me anything.

Estimated Creation Time : 20 Minutes

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