Re-Center Into The Woods


I am staying in the woods, within a cozy cabin.

There are two other cabins near by that are also occupied – somehow when night falls I start to think that I will be ‘visited’ – it does not help that my pug, Christian begins his semi-bark toward the door and windows every so often – only at dark!

I awake at 3 am on two occasions – isn’t that considered the ‘auspicious’ hour? Yikes!

I have to admit, even with my crazy thoughts, the frigid below zero wind chill and single digit days, this trip produced the most ‘rested’ sleep that I have had in a very, very long time!

I actually remembered my dreams in vivid detail and woke up when my body said to versus my alarm! I am so glad I decided to go and take the time, for me.

I also took time to reflect on what I would like to accomplish in the coming months – with it being January, it seemed like the best time to just try to sort it out. I made progress in that area but still have more mapping to do and maybe some mining!

I snapped the picture posted above as a memory of where I sat to reflect and dream and prepare. I think I will be visiting this tranquil place, in my mind, often, throughout the year when I need to re-center.

This year is going to be GREAT!

Notations About The Stay:

Roads: Snowy and untreated in most areas.

Going Slow was a definite requirement

Temperature: Single digits most of the trip.

Gloves, scarves, socks, heavy wool coat and flannel pjs helped!

 Atmosphere: Very quiet – great during the day a little spooky at night. The area was covered in snow, the wind was blowing and whistling through the trees.

 The Cabin: (Inside Pictured Here) – Taken from their website.


The picture above is of the ‘Couples’ cabin which was perfect for me and the furbaby! The inside is exactly as it is pictured here!

Cons: The windows had a gap between where the blind and window meet – leaving me feeling exposed at night when the inside lights were on.

The cabin is fully stocked and if you didn’t want to use your own dishes everything is there ready to use – even silverware! I loved being able to bring all of the food I would need and just cook on the stove right there, in the middle of the woods! I even took time to grill out!

Prep: Preparation consisted of making a very detailed list and reviewing it several times.

What I forgot: Eggs (I even marked it off the list as having them packed)

Lesson: Slow down and think through the list.

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes x 2

Below is a picture of the cabin from outside.

Cabin In The Woods

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